The Twitter Ultimate Clap Backs Of 2015: Ranked By Sass Factor

16 December 2015, 14:51 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

WARNING: Indirects headed your way!

If we've learnt anything from 2015, it's not to start a Twitter war when you can't finish it. Here are the very best beefs, comebacks and clapbacks of the past 12 months. 

Zendaya vs. Giuliana Rancic

Queen Zendaya delivered the most eloquent and rational BLOOP in the history of BLOOPS in response to Giuliana Rancic's comments on an episode of Fashion Police. It was the first of many clapbacks in, what shall now be known as, Zendaya's most iconic year on Twitter. 


P!nk vs. the Bodyshamers

"I'm not worried about you either :)" #MicDrop #PinkOUUUUUT


Liam Payne vs. the Trolls

Liam's attempt at a sassy clap back did not go unnoticed at PopBuzz HQ. We reward his for his efforts but warn him to try harder next time.


Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift

We'll always remember where we were the night Nicki and Taylor started their online feud of 45 minutes. We won't rehash the entire timeline but this 'abundantly clear' retweet by Nicki about not singling Taylor out almost made us spit out our tea. Because she was... really... wasn't she? Really? Be honest. It was about Taylor? LOL.


Ed Sheeran vs. Bruno Mars

In the wake of the Nicki/Taylor beef, lil bb Bruno thought he'd ruffle some of Ed Sheeran's feathers... But Ed dragged him before he could even enjoy the retweets.


Zoella vs. the Haters

After being accused of ghost writing her best selling book, Zoe was also accused of paying people to write her own personal blog. And she dealt with it in the sassiest way possible. BYE HUN. XOXO. 


Cara Delevingne vs. Robb Stark 

Robb Stark made a comment about Cara. Cara reacted BADLY. VERY BADLY. Be nice to him Cara, he died a horrible death.



Zayn Malik vs. Louis Tomlinson

Zayn's year on Twitter has been problematic to say the least. Plz boys, for the fans... don't do this!


Zayn Malik vs. Naughty Boy

June must have been a quiet one for Zayn because there was no beef. But it was only a matter of time before the budding relationship between Naughty Boy and Zayn came crashing down. 


Zayn Malik vs. Calvin Harris

After retweeting a quote about Taylor vs. Miley, Zayn toyed with the wrath of the Scottish DJ. Calvin hit back in a string of intelligent, well worded tweets... and Zayn came back with this. ROUND 1 TO ZAYN! 


JK Rowling vs. The World

The undisputed Queen of Twitter, and winner of this list. Do not @ JK Rowling unless you've booked a 3 night stay in the Burns Unit. Srsly.





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