5 Times Black Twitter Outdid Itself In 2015

8 December 2015, 16:28 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Black Twitter
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

MmmmMM oh my gOD

Ever wonder where the top notch memes come from? You know, the really good ones? Chances are that they have some sort of root in Black Twitter. Black Twitter, which apparently has its own Wikipedia page, is the collective name for the twitter community rooted in black culture. It includes black writers, commentators, and activists, along with the wider black twitter public. This year, Black Twitter was definitely on its 'A' game, producing some of the best memes and movements in modern times. 

Why you always lyin' basically revolutionized the meme game. 
It all started with a short Instagram video that quite literally set the world on fire. @Downgoes.Fraser, aka Nick, is the genius behind one of this year's best memes and, needless to say, Black Twitter embraced it with open arms. Nick's face became the universal sign for a liar and is interchangeable with the actual phrase "why are you always lying?" mmmMMmm oh my gOd. 

In fact, the meme was so lit, people just couldn't resist making it their Halloween costume. Now that's how you know your meme has made it. 

"Miley What's Good" was a huge moment for Black Twitter.

And not just because it was funny as hell. It represented the moment a massive icon in the community stood up to one of pop culture's biggest darlings. It felt like Nicki had expressed the frustrations every poc felt when being told not to stand up for themselves on social issues. And the best part? She summed it up in one sentence--three words: "Miley, what's good?" 

As was to be expected, black twitter was all over this one, immortalizing Nicki's famous words for weeks in the form of hilarious tweets. 

Netflix and chill

According to knowyourmeme, Black Twitter were the true pioneers behind Netflix and chill, one of the most awkward memes your parents definitely texted you about this year.It took the well known fact that nobody can actually get through a movie when hormones are involved, and turned it into the most ubiquitous meme of the year. 

You know you're influential when you can change the word for "sex".

#ThanksgivingClapback and #GrowingUpBlack summed up the hilarious experience of being a person of colour 
There's nothing quite as important as being able to share a common experience--especially on Black Twitter. The #GrowingUpBlack and #ThanksgivingClapback perfectly summed up what it was like to be a part of a black family and, once again, Black Twitter truly outdid themselves.  

The Black Lives Matter movement grew to epic proportions thanks to Black Twitter.
Black Lives Matter is, of course, the political movement which began last year after multiple killings of young POC. Last year the movement was finding its legs, this year BLM has well and truly gone mainstream. Celebrities, politicians, and athletes alike have tweeted and shared support for the movement. #BlackLivesMatter went from a hashtag in 2014 to a global political movement in 2015 all because Black Twitter refused to let it become a passing fad. 

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