People Cleaning Walk Of Fame Stars "For MY President" Is The Patriotic Meme We All Need

5 July 2017, 15:34

clean star meme
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

After a Trump supporter's tweet went viral, the internet hit back by getting out their cleaning products and taking it to the streets.

Legions of Americans have begun doing their patriotic duty by cleaning the President's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and posting a tribute picture on social media. It just might not be the president you were expecting...

It all began when a Twitter user named Makenna decided to clean up the graffiti on Donald Trump's star and share it for the world to see using the hashtag #RaisedRight:


And while many immediately sent hate tweets or shots of themselves making the star less great again, others found a much more entertaining way of getting under the skin of Trump fans - find another star to clean up in an act of support for THEIR president.

For example, Jake Stubbs decided to give his idol Meryl Streep's star a good clean to show that he was truly #RaisedRight:


Nothing but the best for the goddess that gave us Mamma Mia.

And things escalated pretty quickly from there...





And then things got rather enjoyably stupid:






Well done everyone. Nothing but respect for this meme. #RaisedRight.

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