Disney Posted A Meme About Being "Dead Inside" And It's Very WTF

10 April 2018, 17:13

Dark disney tweet
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

So, which Disney intern did this??

Anyone who has spent time on Twitter will know that users on the platform often share "dark" memes. Nihilistic humour is a part of millennial and gen-z culture and it's not uncommon to come across posts about feeling "dead inside".

One account you wouldn't expect to see this type of humour from, however, is Disney. 

Disney, aka the purveyor of your favourite childhood animated films, threw people off in a big way when their Twitter vibe took a dark turn. 

In typical brand fashion, Disney latched onto something "relatable" in the culture, but it was so off-brand people were left scratching their heads. 

Disney dead inside meme

via Twitter/Disney

The meme was a gif of Pinocchio not responding to the Blue Fairy's magic because he was apparently "dead inside". The caption read "When someone compliments you but you're dead inside." 

People definitely noticed something was a bit...un-Disneylike about the post.

And they naturally assumed it was an intern gone rogue. 

Many people on social media pointed out that this was probably a case of a massive brand realising this type of humour is popular with young people. However, looking at Disney's social media presence, this particular spicy meme feels extremely out of place. 

The post apparently stayed up for 17 hours on the official Disney Twitter account before it was taken down. The fact that it was taken down is the least surprising part of this whole saga, to be quite honest. 

We're sure the intern in question learned a valuable lesson here. Keep the nihilism off your work accounts, especially if you work at the actual Disney Corporation.