10 Key Ways DJ Khaled Will Help You Succeed In 2016

21 December 2015, 17:12 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Bless Up!

One of the greatest triumphs of 2015 was when DJ Khaled joined Snapchat in September. In the space of 3 months, he's managed to change the entire Snap game and become everyone's mentor - whether they knew it or not. 365 days of Oscarworthy Snap stories await us, but here's a look back on the many helpful hints and tips that Khaled has left for you to succeed in 2016. If these snaps don't inspire greatness within you, then there's literally no hope. 

1) Never forget to moisturise. 

DJ Khaled Snap 1

Khaled's main key to success is "coco" butter. Get out there, buy ya bad self some lotion and soak up the success. 

2) Make sure you get your 5 A Day.

DJ Khaled Snap 2

You know what they say... an apple a day keeps you BLESSED UP.  

3) Wash ya face!

DJ Khaled Snap 3

If you really want to maintain that 'New Year, New Me' mentality, then you must carry out this task at least 3 times a day. 

4) Do not skimp on your deodorant brands.

DJ Khaled Snap 4

Go Dove Stick or go home. Seriously.

5) Hit the homeware section during the New Year sales.

DJ Khaled Snap 5

Because you'll be needing HELLA PILLOWS if you're going to make 2016 your most successful year yet.

6) Hit the salon after you get done shopping.

DJ Khaled 10

Fresh cuts and manicures. The true mark of a successful King. 

7) Find a Jetski, and surf your way to greatness on the seven seas. But don't do it after 6pm. 

DJ Khaled Snap 6


8) Love as hard and as fast as DJ Khaled loves his plants.

DJ Khaled Snap 7

Appreciate the blessings around you. Greenery or otherwise. Everyone is an *Angel. 

9) Make sure all paths to success are the best that they can be.

DJ Khaled Snap 8

How will you ever go forward in life if there are dead leaves and fallen berries covering your immaculately paved patio area?

10) Bless Up at every opportunity!

DJ Khaled Snap 9

And never forget to thank the one that matters... in this case, it's DJ Khaled. 

So, if you find yourself looking for some new year inspo, follow djkhaled305 on Snapchat and never look back.

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