Snapchat Approved A Donald Trump Debate Filter And The Internet Is FURIOUS

27 September 2016, 11:24 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Trump used the first debate as an opportunity to appeal to millennials. How'd that one work out Donald?

Last night (September 27th) saw the first US Presidential Election debate between Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton and the human equivalent of a trash can outside a Subway restaurant that answers to the name Donald Trump.

If you missed it, every question basically looked like this:


So there ya go.

But, even before the debate, the former host of The Apprentice managed to cause controversy by setting up his own hate-filled Snapchat filter, making use of his favourite schoolyard nickname "crooked Hillary". 


Of course, the real reason that former steak salesman Trump is on Snapchat is to appeal to millennials who have thus far been turned off by him.

But now, he's out to grab that youth vote!


Unfortunately, the kids don't seem to be going for him.

Here are just a handful of the reactions on Twitter.

Well said Justine.

Plus, many are equally as disgusted by Snapchat itself for allowing the filter.

Nev of MTV's Catfish fame posted this pic that kinda sums up the whole situation.

Pretty much Nev. Pretty much.

What do you guys think of Trump's Snapchat filter? Let us know below.