17 Memes About The FBI Agent Currently Watching You Through Your Webcam

23 January 2018, 14:41

FBI Man Meme, Webcam, Government
Picture: Twitter/NBC

By Katie Louise Smith

me: *gets left on read by boy i like again* government agent who's reading all my texts: wow when will she finally find love?? *sighs*

2018 has already blessed us with some truly outstanding memes. There was the Tide Pod meme. There was the Mariah Carey tea meme. And there's been some high quality, paranoia inducing Black Mirror memes. But nothing will prepare you - or the government agent watching you through your screen - for the 'FBI Man' meme.

He's like the family member you always wanted.

Always watching...

Always judging...

But ultimately, looking out for your best interests.

The FBI agent is probably watching you through your front camera, laughing at you laughing at the tweet.

He has feelings too, you know.

And just when you think you were clever enough to out smart him...

They're working a 24hr job too you know, you gotta give 'em something they can work with.

Is he single?

I wonder if my FBI agent knows the FBI agent assigned to the guy I like?

It's like FBI Tinder up in hereeeee.

The least they could do as a gift for all your outstanding service over the years is this...

The FBI agent watching me through my webcam as I write this list...