The 'Flamingo pose' is the latest trend taking over Instagram

7 June 2019, 16:57 | Updated: 7 June 2019, 17:54

Winnie Harlow and Kendall Jenner serving you Flamingo poses
Winnie Harlow and Kendall Jenner serving you Flamingo poses. Picture: @winnieharlow via Instagram, @kendalljenner via Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

Need a new lewk for your next Instagram picture? Enter the Flamingo pose - 2019's hottest new trend. Apparently.

Friends, romans, baddies... lend me your Instagram, for another pose trend is taking off on social media that will change your IG flex game forever.

A handful of "new" poses have done the rounds in 2019 already. There was the 'Bambi' pose which required a full floor routine and two good knees, the 'shelfie belfie' which needed a bum and an aesthetically pleasing surface to perch on and the 'strandid' which is a far more versatile sitch - you can do that in any position you want, to be honest.

But if you're of the 'standing up and posing' persuasion, then the Flamingo pose is probably the one for you. No, we don't mean that ridiculously difficult yoga pose, we're talking about something much much easier and much more accessible for us un-flexible people out there.

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Why this pose? Aside from the obvious (Flamingos are still having a moment and it's time we recognise them as the most superior bird on the planet), it could all be down to the fact that it just looks super flattering on everyone. It's also just like, really fun flexing a leg for a photo every now and then, idk? No one likes an awkward stance, do they?

The trend has already taken off with known Instagram pose experts including Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Winnie Harlow. Here's a few examples of how to really nail the Flamingo for summer 2019.

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Of course, Beyoncé has been out here doing it since summer 2018.

Seems easy, right? And now, here's a list of things you'll need to pull off the perfect 'Flamingo pose' shot for Instagram:

- An Instagram husband, wife, partner, BFF or professional photographer that you've paid to follow you around all summer. If you have none of those, then take the advice of Destiny's Child and be an independent woman. Use that self-timer, baby.

- A working knowledge of how to adapt the Flamingo stance for humans. (It's one leg bent slightly in the front. It's not a foot pop. If you do a Mia Thermopolis foot pop, you've gone too far.)

- Flamingo pink dress or outfit optional.

Now, go forth and Flamingo the shit out Summer 2019 on Instagram.