This Instagram Meme Account Is Being Sued By A Teen For The Wildest Reason

22 September 2017, 12:46

Major Instagram Meme Account Being Sued By Teen
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The kid and his father are claiming loss of earnings due from promotional campaigns in the suit filed earlier this week.

A meme account on Instagram named 'FuckJerry' with over 12 million followers is being sued by a 16 year old and his dad.

TMZ reports that Tom Chau, the father, has filed the suit claiming that FuckJerry struck up a deal to post promotional content on his son's Instagram account, @3.141592, which has around 2.6m followers.


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However, while this deal was supposed to end in May, FuckJerry have now allegedly taken control of the account and changed the kid's password. Yep, you read that correctly - if this proven true, they've basically stolen a kid's Insta account. WTF? That is kind of a big deal too seeing as, according to Ad Week, promo posts on FuckJerry and the company's other social accounts can go for upwards of $30,000 each.

Chau is suiing for control of the account and revenue lost in the last few months. Plus, he claims that FuckJerry never sought his permission to work with his son and, as he's a minor, that is pretty damn illegal if true.

No comment yet from the team behind FuckJerry or the CEO of the company behind it, Elliot Teble, who has over 40m followers across multiple social platforms as well as "a clothing line, a card game, a late-night TV show pilot with MTV and a small social media shop called Jerry Media."

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