6 Fool Proof Ways On How To Win At Snapchat

3 December 2015, 15:44 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Embrace the 'Chin-fie'.

So you think you've got the best Snapchat in the world? WRONG. We bet you've been doing it wrong the entire time. We've already got you covered in the art of taking selfies. But have no fear, we're here with some fool proof tips and tricks that will win you Snapchat fame in no time. Repeat after us: Be the screenshot you wish to see on Tumblr.

1) Keep it punny!

Is there anything better than a really great Snapchat pun!? Seize the opportunity whenever you can, particularly if you're around a skeleton. Make your puns so juicy that people will not be able to resist denting their Snapchat score for a cheeky screenshot. You'll be Tumblr famous in no time.

Snapchat Puns


2) Why not show off your drawing skills?

So you're really good at talking fire selfies, but you know for a fact that everyone secretly hates you for spamming their phones with GPOYs. Make your selfies so good that people will wet themselves in excitement when see a notification from you. The sky is the limit with that pencil tool... ELSA YOURSELF!

Snapchat Drawing

@thomcat / twitter.com

3) Go nuts with Emoji art!

Listen, we get that you're bored but sending us black pictures with text is not going to send you viral. We'd much rather open one of these majestic emoji art masterpieces. Emojis are a legit form of communication now anyway so why not like, embrace it? #AProcastinatorsDream

Snapchat Emoji Art

Metz044 / imgur.com 

4) Sassy commentary on mundane situations is a must!

"Going to Math class", "Ugh forgot my calculator", "I'm bored"... Stop. Put your phone down and rethink your life choices. And then turn your boring Maths class into a YAAAS CLASS with all the sass your mind can mass-ter. And then @ us when you've gone viral. You're welcome.

Snapchat Stories



Don't like taking pictures of yourself? Perfect. Take a picture of your dog. Everyone loves dogs. Especially if they're wearing wigs. (And no one really wants to see your face anyway!)

Snapchats Pets


6) Only take selfies if they feature double chins. 

Like we said earlier, no one wants to be intimidated by the sheer beauty of your professional selfies. Chin-fies are the way forward. Grace Helbig knows this, do what Grace Helbig does. Make sure you get the right angle, source some terrible lighting and be sure to fill the entire screen with your face. Own it. Sell it. Live it. YAAAS.

Snapchats Ugly Face

Snapchat: @realgracehelbig


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