Why "Horror Icons In Light Hearted Movies" Is Our New Favourite Tumblr

6 November 2015, 12:29 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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By Emily-Jayne Beard

The greatest love story never told.

Every heard the phrase ‘it’s so crazy it just might work’?

Tumblr ‘Horror icons in light hearted movies’ takes this literally, combining our fave happy films with the blood-curdling serial killers of our ultimate NOPE films.

Basically, you’ll never look at ‘Pretty Woman’ in the same way again.


1. Who knew Darth Vader was so handy with a chimney sweep brush?


2. 'The hills are alive, with the sound of the forceeeeee'


3. Fun Fact: Michael Myers is actual an avid pottery enthusiast in his time away from murdering teenagers.


4. 'I'm flying Freddy Krueger!'


5. Ryan Gosling just doesn't have the emotional vulnerability of Jason from Friday 13th.


6. Who knew a huge hollywood star could fall for humble Notting Hill bookstore owner Michael Myers?


7. 'Nobody puts Michael Myers in the corner!'


8. You don't need to speak when you can proclaim your love with a sinister message wearing a hockey mask.


9. Who has the better hair, Jennifer Aniston or Leatherface?


10. 'When Jigsaw Met Sally'


11. 'Pretty Michael Myers, walking down the street'


You can view the full romantic creepfest at horroriconsinlightheartedmovies.tumblr.com

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