Here's How To Get Extra Lives On HQ Trivia For Free

8 February 2018, 15:37

HQ Trivia Extra Lives For Free Hack
Picture: HQ Trivia

By Katie Louise Smith

Need an extra life on HQ Trivia? Here's how to get one for free.

Cheating at HQ Trivia is for the weak but sometimes, you've gotta do what you've gotta do to get that cash. Some people have already mastered the art of using HQuack, a website that (is meant to) give you the answers while the game is in play. While it doesn't seem to work in the UK just yet, it's proven an 82% success rate when a game in play in the US.

If your morals are still in check and you don't actually want Google's help getting to question twelve, there's an innocent little hack you can use to get yourself some very valuable extra lives... FOR FREE.

You don't need to download any external apps or log onto any weird websites, all you have to do is open your HQ Trivia app and swipe up several times really quickly with two fingers.

The heart on your homepage should increase by one, giving you an extra life for the next game.

So far, it only seems to work if you start with zero lives. Sometimes the app will glitch and give you two lives at once but once you close the app and reopen it, it will return back to one.

Either way, it's one heart you never had before. Non-cheating HQ players can also earn lives by getting friends to use their referral codes when signing up to join the game. Mine is katesss, thank you in advance.

(Disclaimer: You can't win by using an extra life. You can use it to get to question twelve but if you answer the last question wrong, you can't use it to win the money. SORRY, LADS!)