This Ice-Eating Challenge Is Going Viral In China And It Looks WILD

16 March 2018, 11:11

Ice Eating Challenge
Ice Eating Challenge. Picture: Kwai

By James Wilson-Taylor

The clips of young women chomping on the contents of their freezers are gaining thousands of views on social media.

Another day, another viral video challenge we don't fully understand.

Buzzfeed reports that social media users in China have begun uploading clips of themselves eating ice and nobody is quite sure why.

Often the ice is coloured, in some weird shapes or even in a floral-style arrangements:

Yep, we don't know either.

The trend appears to have started within the Chinese video-sharing app Kwai which allows users to film and edit short clips using effects and filters like you might find on Instagram and Snapchat. A hashtag that translates as 'eating ice' has thousands of videos listed. Guess people just really love watching other people devour frozen water.

It remains to be seen whether the trend will reach the UK and the US but, hey, we've all seen way weirder trends kick off haven't we?

Now, who forgot to refill the ice tray?