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18 February 2016, 12:28 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Calling all Instagram obsessed ladies!

It's hard to get your work noticed when you're first starting out in any industry, but especially photography. And, especially if you're a woman. Its a no-brainer that female talent needs to be nurtured but there are often very few that create a space for young girls to feel creative and inspired. 

I started to work as a photographer, eventually getting my work featured in Dazed, i-D, British Vogue, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Elle and Vogue. But it still took me five years to get my first paid job. Meanwhile, I’d look at guys who started their careers after me, and they’d just sail right by, getting booked for campaigns. Wasn’t it supposed to be that talent got you hired? It took me a while to realize, but there’s a patriarchal infrastructure built into many businesses that’s so old, and it’s been in place for so long that it was almost invisible.

Amanda de Cadenet for Teen Vogue

Well, at least one publication is giving it a shot. The suddenly very cool and progressive Teen Vogue has just launched their #GirlGaze initiative and you should be very psyched. 


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Who's ready for this?! Women are most often celebrated as the subjects of art…but not the creators of it. That’s why @AmandadeCadenet @AmberValleta @SamTaylorJohnson @LynseyAddario @InezandVinoodh and @TeenVogue just launched #girlgaze — a project that will show how girls see the world. Photographers, please submit your work on Instagram using the hashtag for a chance to be featured in Teen Vogue plus a special NYC #girlgaze exhibition!


It feels like there should be lots of opportunities like this designed for young girls to explore their passion for photography. But, unfortunately, that is so rarely the case. It has become increasingly important for women to share their view points through visual mediums because the experiences of men and women are fundamentally different. This means that the stories they choose to tell and the way they choose tell them can often be polar opposites. 

It goes without saying that this is a serious problem. If we don’t have women telling their stories through all mediums, how are we supposed to see ourselves honestly reflected in the world?.

Amanda de Cadenet for Teen Vogue

 For example, there is a huge difference between how Terry Richardson and Annie Leibovitz shoot their subjects. 

Photography has already started pouring in from the #Girlgaze Instagram tag and the pictures are already incredible. 


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You can submit your photographs by tagging them on Instagram with #GirlGaze. Winners will be featured in Teen Vogue and in a GirlGaze themed art exhibition.