Is Tumblr About To Be Shut Down?

21 July 2016, 12:28 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Tumblr asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika


Tumblr is a huge deal. The microblogging platform has been on the scene since 2007 and was bought and valued by Yahoo! at a billion dollars in 2013. Since 2013 the, site has undergone some key changes (cosmetic and otherwise) but the spirit of the site has remained largely the same. 

Well, now, after a disappointing showing reported by parent company, Yahoo!, fears of a Tumblr shut down loom on the not so distant horizon.

News headlines like these have plagued the site since it was announced that the value of Tumblr had tumbled...yet again. 

and another one...


But here's why Tumblr isn't shutting down any time soon.

The Yahoo! takeover was met with more than a little skepticism. Yahoo! is widely regarded as a company that has failed to connect with millennial and Gen z users since Google assumed dominance of the email and search engine markets. 

Despite that little fact, Tumblr has firmly established itself as the nexus of internet micro culture. Everything from fandoms to the proliferation of meme culture and social justice lives and breathes on Tumblr. If Yahoo! finds that Tumblr, as a monetary asset, is not profitable enough (which, let's face it, under the reigns of Yahoo it's not profitable), then they would have no problem selling it. 

As of April 2016, Tumblr had 291 million blogs registered on the site, which would definitely be *eyes as dollars signs* for any company. 

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But that's not stopping people from realizing how much they love/hate the platform.

It's a shame that Yahoo! continues to devalue Tumblr when it could just invest money into monetizing the platform, but Tumblr is not going anywhere. Facebook loves spending money on websites, so does Twitter and Snapchat is worth 20 billion dollars, so they can definitely afford it. Don't sweat it. Tumblr is here forever.