This Male Makeup Artist Had The Most Iconic Response To A Homophobic Troll

Trayvon Dickerson MUA
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

A clapback for the ages.

Nothing makes us shout "YAAAAS!" louder than a good old-fashioned priceless Twitter clapback. And that's exactly what we did when we saw Trayvon Dickerson's efforts in our timeline a few days ago. 

Trayvon (@trayonce, which is literally the best @ handle we've ever seen) took part in the recent twitter hashtag #BlackGaySlay, which saw people from across the world sharing their fire selfies, showcasing their insane MUA skills and just generally being fierce AF

His own selfies blew up, scoring over 11k RTs and almost 35k likes. 

Soon after the pictures went viral, someone decided to troll him by pairing one of his snaps with a caption that often frequents LGBTQ+ bashing on Twitter, "Ya son come home from college like this, crying asking you to accept him. what you doing?"

Homophobic Tweet Trayvon MUAvia TrueCharLen

Without missing a beat, Trayvon caught the tweet and quoted it with a clapback for the ages. 

His response has now garnered 40k RTs and well over 100k likes - and it's still circulating. People are shook.

As for the rest of Twitter, their responses to the troll's original tweet were more than inspiring. 

Needless to say, his mentions are blowing up.

Carry on Trayvon, carry on. 


H/T Buzzfeed