14 Things We Know You Definitely Did On MSN Messenger

7 January 2016, 09:49 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

RIP to our original BAE *single tear*

If you were a teenager in the Noughties then you will have fond memories of the original one and only, MSN Messenger. Check off each point that you were guilty of. As for us? We're 100% MSN Trash.

1) Running home after school in a race to beat your siblings to the computer so you can talk to the friends you saw 5 minutes ago.

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Because you had sooooooo much to catch up on. 

2) WrItInG yOuR nAmE lIkE tHiS!

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In fact, you did this so often that it was actually quicker for you to type like that than it was for you to type normally. 

3) Using the old BRB trick.  

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You know the one... "brb xXxXxXx" *appears offline, closes window, but talks to other people* You shady so-and-so... 

4) Signing In and Out was a foolproof way of flirting with your crush.

And it worked 99.5% of the time. 

5) Having every. single. one. of. your friends in your Personal Message.


Heaven forbid you left one of them out. Or there'll be hell to pay at school tomorrow!

6) ... or typing some kind of dramatic deep and meaningful song lyric in the PM.

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"It StArTeD oUt WiTh A KiSs HoW DiD iT eNd Up LyK Dis? It WaS OnLy A KiSs! It WaS OnLy A KiSs!"

7) ... or adding some really embarrassing one liner that you were sure would cement your status as the funny one in the group.

MSN Personal Message

8) NUDGE!!!!!!

9) *person is typing* ........ *person is not typing*

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Kids these days will never know the ~TRUE~ hardships of experiencing such an event. (And yes, it was much worse than the iMessage 3 Dots Of Death)

10) Your display picture was usually whichever band member you thought was hottest that week.

MSN Display Picture

Friendships would be strengthened and destroyed by your choices. 

11) And you had masterminded the most convincing ways to get out of going on webcam.

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"lol cant soz its broken" "lol soz cant it lags my comp" "lol soz cant i h8 u"

12) You once tried to send your mates an .mp3 file but it ended up taking 5 hours. 

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You know what... the new Christina Aguilera song wasn't worth it anyway. 

13) You ALWAYS made sure you switch on your "Listening To" feature because your taste in music was LEGIT.

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And you made damn sure it was all the latest tracks so your friends would get jealous of your LimeWire skillz.

14) If you've made this far down the list and you remember doing most of these, chances are you'll remember this tasty little remix.