16 Signs You Were A Total MySpace Cliche

22 January 2016, 15:10 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Tom has a lot to answer for.

How many of these cliches were you guilty of? Check them off as you and go let us know in the comments.  

1) Mirror Selfies were the ONLYYYYY selfies that were acceptable as your profile picture...

MySpace / Ashton Irwin


2) Or you uploaded a snap straight from Photo Booth with a 'cool and edgy' filter.

MySpace / Kendall Jenner

Sooooo cool and sooooo edgy!

3) And of course, they were all accompanied by the infamous 'Keep Or Delete?' question.


If you don't answer me, you're out of the Top 8.

4) Saying 'Thankz 4 the add!', was literally the greatest conversation starter in the world.


Foolproof way to start chatting to your crush tbh.

5) You learned EVERYTHING you know about HTML coding from designing your layouts.


So guess what, Mum... spending all those hours online actually DID benefit me in the long run.

6) You were known to dedicate an entire evening to rebranding your aesthetic on your page.



7) Drop down lists were an absolute MUST. 


What... you don't know how to add an HTML drop down? Shame.

8) When you logged onto Myspace and saw this...


You knew you were about to hit the big time.

9) You spent HOURS deciding over a profile song that summed up your aesthetic, but also one that no one else had. 


No, you know what... I'll just go for an entire soundtrack. 

10) You discovered MySpace artists like Lily Allen before they hit the big time.


I basically discovered her. She owes me so much. 

11) Arranging your Top 8 was literally the most important thing you've ever had to do in your life.


Friendships were strengthened and destroyed. 

12) Your ultimate arch nemesis was anyone who rolled on BEBO. 

FX / via giphy.com


13) You spent most of your time online promoting your mates' average-at-best band. 

via giphy.com

Bet you even created artwork for them, right?

14) You've never lied more than when you did the iPod Shuffle Bulletin.

Netflix / via giphy.com

"What song will they play at my funeral?" *Vengaboys comes on shuffle* Skip Skip Skip! *MCR comes on shuffle* YESSSSS! 

15) If you didn't list your age at 99 Years Old then what even were you playing at?


ASL? 99/F/US

16) You once got your friends to write testimonials about you in your 'About Me' section just to prove your popularity. 

"JENNiE, ur so awesome &hearts; I luv sitting next to you in Math. Ur so wild. IF UR NOT FRIENDS WITH JENNiE THEN UR MISSING OUT! <3"

17) You went back on MySpace recently and you nearly threw up.

via giphy.com


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