Netflix Is Offering Instagram Users Thousands Of Dollars To Do Something Amazing

2 March 2016, 12:05 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Netflix + Instagram + $2,000 a week = ????

These days, being on Instagram can earn you some pretty amazing opportunities. Winning a competition could get you a place in Teen Vogue magazine or, in this case, globe trotting on an all expenses paid mission from Netflix. 

Netflix is giving a few lucky Instagrammers the opportunity to show off their best photography for a chance to travel to the sets of some amazing Netflix shows. They're offering $2,000 a week for two weeks of photography work across Europe and the Middle East.

Their criteria? Just “show off your interests or passions”. Vague, sure. But think of that as your chance to get creative. This year, "grammaster" hopefuls can use the tag #grammasters3 by March 6, 2016. 25 finalists will be chosen before the ultimate 4 are selected from the pool.

Last year, Instagram hired 3 "grammasters" who visited and photographed the sets of shows like Gossip Girl, The Walking Dead, Twin Peaks, and Portlandia. All their travel arrangements were taken care of and they got to see and travel the US on Netflix's dime. 

If you think your Instagram feed is on and poppin', choose your best photos and tag them with #grammasters3 before the deadline. Why wouldn't you apply? Don't you want to chill, spend money, and take pics for two weeks? 

Check out the amazing pictures people have already submitted.


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