This New A Capella App Is About To Take Over Your Newsfeed

5 November 2015, 14:12 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


Forget about DubSmash, there is a new App called ‘Acapella' that's blowing up Twitter right now and it is ACA-AWESOME. 

It's like the Four Track app, but for people with absolutely zero technical ability. (Yay for us!) Acapella lets you record and lay down 9 different beats that will all play at the same time. So, to cut a long story short, you can now nail every single harmony in every Destiny’s Child song without needing a Kelly or a Michelle. 

People are honestly living their best lives through this app and it’s giving us all the Pitch Perfect vibes we ever needed. 

There have already been some truly truly life changing results. Some of them are genuine pieces of digital art and others just show off just how talented the twitter dwelling creatures of this earth really are. We’ve compiled 12 of the very best examples just to show you what you'll need to go viral.


1) The first video you absolutely MUST make should be this instant crowd pleaser...







3) How long before Kanye discovers this App and claims it was his own? 




4) You *cannot* miss the opportunity to recreate this iconic banger...




5) This guy basically made Bieber's version irrelevant...




6) This one is just way too much to handle right now. [NSFW]




7) This guy had way too much time on his hands, but HIS BRITNEY VOICE THO!




8) You can FINALLY sing every single part of the Harry Potter Puppet Pals song on your own!




9) DO NOT LET YOUR DAD DOWNLOAD THIS APP! Or do... because it'll be hilarious.




10) If you're suuuuper talented, you should totally show off your vocal chops...




11) Or, you can just slay the internet with your insane flute-work!




12) But in your quest to seek Acapella fame, you'll probably never beat this masterpiece...