On My Block: The Ultimate List Of The Cast's Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter And Social Media Accounts

13 April 2018, 16:37 | Updated: 13 April 2018, 17:06

On My Block cast social media accounts snapchat
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Here's all the info on the 'On My Block' cast's public social media accounts including their Snapchats.

You've gotten to know all the characters and actors from Netflix's On My Block. Now, it's time to stalk their social media accounts and find out what they're up to as they're filming season 2. 

On My Block has been renewed and you need to keep up with the plots, trailers, and new characters coming in season 2. 

Sometimes it's hard to catch all the fun behind the scenes moments the cast are sharing on their Snapchats and Instagram Stories. 

We did some digging for you all and these are the Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts available for the cast of On My Block. Happy sleuthing! 

via Netflix/On My Block

1. Sierra Capri - Monse Finnie 

Twitter: @TheSierraCapri
Snapchat: sileone000

2, Diego Tinoco - Cesar Diaz

Twitter: @diegotinocotwit
Snapchat: diegotinocosnap

via Netflix/On My Block 

3. Jason Genao - Ruby Martinez

Twitter: @TheJasonGenao
Snapchat: N/A

4. Brett Gray - Jamal Turner 

Twitter: @iambrettgray
Snapchat: N/A

via Netflix/On My Block 

5. Jessica Marie Garcia - Jasmine

Twitter: @JessMarieGarcia
Instagram: @jess_m_garcia
Snapchat: JessMG15

6. Ronni Hawk - Olivia 

Snapchat: ronnihawk9

via Netflix/On My Block 

7. Julio Macias - Spooky Diaz 

Twitter: @AJulioMacias
Instagram: @ajuliomacias
Snapchat: N/A

8. Jahking Guillory - Latrelle 

Twitter: @JahkingGuillory
Instagram: @jahkingguillory
Snapchat: jahkingguillory


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