11 Pokemon Go Memes That Are Way Too Dark And Way Too Real

21 July 2016, 13:58 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

When you've been finding all these Pokemon, but you still can't find yourself.

Every since Pokemon Go dropped earlier this month, the entire world has come to a stand still. (Well, that's a big exaggeration but let's just go with it.) Have you actually taken a second out of your burgeoning Pokemon career to stop and think about the direction your life is currently heading? No? Didn't thing you had - that's why every single one of these memes is gonna crush you.

1) Why does this sound like something I'd fall for?


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2) I came out to catch Pokemon, not feelings.


3) I didn't sign up for this.

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4) How did you manage to get this footage of me when the servers were down? 

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5) Don't start bringing dogs into this. That's not fair!

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6) Number one: How dare you.


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7) I do NOT approve this message.


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8) This is getting waaaaaay too real now.


9) What have we done to humanity?!


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10) Why do bad things happen to good people.

When your phone vibrates.


11) Hello darkness, my old friend.