Pokemon Go Is Already Ruining People’s Lives - But Like, It’s Totally Worth It Anyway

11 July 2016, 12:35 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Pokemon Go Injuries
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Getting mugged? Breaking bones? Finding dead bodies? ... whatever, at least I caught that Pikachu!

It's been barely been one week and 'Pokemon Go' is already the most dangerous app that the world has ever seen.

If you're yet to experience the new alternate reality app and don't know what the sweet hell we're talking about, here's what you need to know: 'Pokemon Go' lets you catch, train, battle and trade Pokemon IRL. Literally, in real life. It's like a handheld google maps but with Pokemon and PokeShops and Gyms. 

But the real life aspect of the game has been leading players into the most ridiculous, and hella dangerous scenarios.  

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Exhibit A: The girl who tried to catch a Magikarp but ended up finding a dead body.

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According to Buzzfeed News, Shayla Wiggins from Wyoming was out trying to catch some Pokemon when she stumbled across an ACTUAL dead body in a river. Yep. Seriously. We bet Ash never had that problem on his journey through the Safari Zone back in the day. 

“I was crying and shaking really bad because it was a very scary situation,” she said. WELL DAMN! Did she level up though? 

Exhibit B: The Sandshrew at the Police Station

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The Darwin Police department in Australia had to put out a statement telling players to stop coming into their police station. They said the station was featured as a PokeShop and that users were literally coming in to station to buy PokeBalls. "You don't actually have to step inside in order to gain the Pokeballs," they said on Facebook.

There was also a Sandshrew located outside the station, of which brought a lot of attention to the area. LOL.

Exhibit C: Trespassing on other people's property just to catch a Squirtle.

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Seeing a wild starter Pokemon isn't common, you know! So people have been engaging in a little bit of illegal trespassing in order to beef up their Pokedex.

But the real story begins with Boon Sheridan, an artist who recently moved into an old church... churches are gym hotspots on Pokemon Go... do you see where we're going with this? Yep, his house is a Pokemon Gym. Two days into the launch, he had counted 15 visits and three drive-bys - as well as people dropping by well into the night. Damn!

Exhibit D: Evil civilians luring Poketrainers into secluded areas so they can mug them.

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Actually, this one is seriously dangerous. There was reportedly an armed robbery in Missouri believed to have been orchestrated through Pokemon Go. People can send out beacons within the game alerting others players to a particular hotspot - meaning people can attract players into secluded areas and rob them at gunpoint for their phones. Scary!

Exhibit E: The boy who fell of his skateboard trying to catch a Scyther.

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Hi kids, just a word of advice... it's important to look up from your phone once in a while! Don't be like Kyrie Thompkins and Mike Schultz who both stacked it while they were out trying to catch 'em all. Kyrie literally "fell down a hole" resulting in a twisted ankle and a juicy bruise, while Mike took a spill on his skateboard - cutting his hand in the process.

Physical injuries can be avoided, my friends! Avoiding broken bones is more important than catching that Poliwhirl!

Exhibit F: The ruined 4 year relationship. RIP.

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