9 AMAZING Prom Proposals That Will Make You Scream “YAAAS!"

27 May 2016, 16:51 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Band lyrics, tasty snacks and more in the best promposals of the year.

Prom season is drawing to a close for another year and in the past few months our Tumblr feeds have been inundated with images of ambitious, artistic teens putting together the most intricate and hilarious promposals for their prospective dates.

So, in celebration of all things prom, we've collected a few of our faves to give you major inspo for next year.



1) Twenty One Pilots


This guy gets extra points for the effort on the neck and arm make up. Bet his teachers weren't amused when that smeared all over his desk.


2) Fall Out Boy


Again, make up is on point. Was probably best to make sure your date was the "beauty" and not the "psycho" too - the other way around may have backfired.


3) Up!


The cupcakes! The balloons! The connection to the love story from the movie! We're not crying, you're crying! SQUIRREL!


4) Pokémon


Girlfriend of the year. Now, just need to complete the scene by dressing as Ash and Misty on the night.


5) Trainers


Wait...do they get to keep the shoes?


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6) The 1975

Four song titles in one promposal. That's a very good effort. But maybe instead of flowers how about..."Chocolate"?


7) Starbucks


Wow, they actually got a name right for once? Lucky.


8) Donuts


It's. Just. So. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


9) Self Proposal 


Wow. Just...wow. The mask alone just WINS!


Had an awesome promposal? Let us know!


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