Women Are Boycotting Twitter For A Day To Make This Very Important Point

13 October 2017, 12:33

Women Boycott Twitter asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

But the boycott is already stirring some controversy.

Following a week of Hollywood sexual assault bombshells and the subsequent Twitter suspension of actress, Rose McGowan, the women of Twitter are taking a stand. 

The fact that Twitter can be a hostile place for women is the internet's worst kept secret. Women speaking out against sexual violence and getting suspended, while actual white supremacists remain on the platform, has prompted many women (and men) to get on board with #WomenBoycottTwitter. 

To highlight the ways in which women are silenced on Twitter and everywhere else, many are taking part in the 24-hour boycott. They are pledging to stay off the platform for one day to point out how much Twitter and other apps NEED women's voices. 

Many have been quick to express their scepticism about the boycott.

Twitter boycott 1  
Boycott 2

While others are noting the inherent hypocrisy of boycotting when a white woman is mistreated while staying silent when people of colour are attacked.

Last year, when comedian Leslie Jones was attacked by far-right trolls, she was, unfortunately, not awarded the same solidarity on the platform. 

While these types of protests can be important and useful for change, it does highlight how much intersectionality needs to be injected into mainstream feminist debate.