Sarahah Has Officially Ruined Snapchat And Everyone Is FUMING

3 August 2017, 13:56

sarahah snapchat
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Ever since people started linking the apps together, our feeds have been flooded with endless screenshots.

Unless you have somehow spent the last few weeks living under a rock with low Wi-Fi signal, you will have by now encountered Sarahah, the anonymous messaging service with an app that has shot to the top of the charts around the world with a reported 20m daily users.

sarahah app

Sarahah, PopBuzz

The app gives users a unique code, allowing them to receive messages from strangers (or friends that don't wanna reveal their usernames) and, while some of these are funny, there have also been a lot of high profile problems with the service too, from cyber bullying and reports of racist abuse to the recent hoax that all usernames were to be "exposed" on August 1st.

But, it seems that there is one thing that is p*ssing everybody off way more than anything else - users spamming our Snapchat with screenshots of their bloody messages!


Yes, because it's so easy to link up Sarahah with Snapchat, it is now FULL of snaps and screenshots of compliments as well as begs for private messages which, let's be honest, can get pretty damn boring.

Basically, because of this, a LOT of people are starting to get bored of the app already and they aren't afraid to show it. Here's just a few of our fave reactions so far:










Looks like people might be ditching Snapchat soon too at this rate:




Tbf, we just checked out our Snapchat and people's Sarahah stuff is literally all we can see right now. And yeah, it's pretty annoying.

What do you guys think? Are you already bored of Sarahah? Is it ruining Snapchat for you? Let us know in the Facebook comments.