These Sites Claim They Can 'Expose' Sarahah Identities But There's A Catch

15 August 2017, 12:07

sarahah spyer
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Users have reported receiving messages from sites that promise to reveal the identity of any username you type in.

Sarahah, the anonymous messaging app that has taken the world by storm, is facing further problems after a series of fake websites have popped up online claiming to expose the identities of users.

Gadgets Now reports that some users have received messages that read "Announcement: A lot of people have been asking for a site to reveal anonymous senders. Now here you have it at".


The site has also been referred to as Sarahah Spyer, the different title still linking to the same bogus page.

sarahah spyer

Gadgets Now

The fake sites encourage you to type in a username in order to find the sender, before redirecting you to take a survey and making money from the website visits and could even get a hold of your personal information through phishing. Sarahah encrypts all personal information of users meaning that any site claiming to reveal info is definitely a scam.

Sarahah have now sent out a tweet from their official account denouncing the sites:


The company had a similar hoax take place earlier this year when a rumour spread online that the app was set to expose all users on August 1st

Since its launch in the English language a couple of months ago, the app has topped the charts in over 30 countries and can now boast over 1 billion page views. It's easy linking function with Snapchat has seen its popularity soar amid criticism for its cyberbullying scandals and even racist abuse.