Snapchat CATASTROPHES That Will Cause Your Life Irreparable Damage

22 October 2015, 12:30 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Snapchat fails cover

By Alim Kheraj

Someone call an ambulance 'cos we need some help with our crumbling lives.

Snapchat is our FAVE way of communicating with people. Seriously. why would you text when you can take a selfie of yourself covered in spaghetti sauce and caption it "help me"?

However, we've also learned that Snapchat is a walking disaster waiting to happen. Or, to be more precise, we're a walking disaster waiting to happen and Snapchat is our method of sabotage. 

Here's how Snapchat has, at times, ruined our lives...

1) When you send your friend a discreetly disgusting photo of yourself and this happens...

Snapchat fails 1

2) Or when you accidentally 'leak' your own nudes...

Definitely was NSFW

3) Every time you open the app and this happens. 

Snapchat fails 2

4) The incomparable pain of this...

snapchat fails 3

Destroy these monsters.

5) Every time you just want to enjoy your life privately and you just know that the shame of your existence will be documented for ever because of this guy...

Snapchat fails 4

6) This most distressing of events...

Snapchat fails 5

7) When you have a brain-fart and reveal your inner idiot...

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8) When you get 'papped' while you're snapping bae. 

9) When you think your outfit is on fleek but Snapchat ruins your whole f*cking aesthetic.

10) This most incredible annoyance (ft. Marcus Butler)... 

11) When you receive this from a random person you've never met...

12) When you have to sever ties with your friends because of behaviour like this.

13) When you receive this from bae and realise that you've been friendzoned to f*ck.

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