Snapchat To Start Banning "Semi-Nude" Images After Parents Complain

25 January 2017, 16:02 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

snapchat banning nudes
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

"Fake News" is also on the way out thanks to this latest update.

Snapchat have announced some big upcoming changes aimed at tackling two of the internet's most problematic areas - "fake news" and casual nudity.

The platform will soon begin banning "risque images" on its Discover area after complaints from the parents of younger users. 

New York Observer

Discover is open to major publishers putting out short form stories and can be viewed by all users but, according to an anonymous source in The Guardian, the images used can often get pretty racy... 


Usually, I just put up with it, but a few weeks ago, a definite line was crossed. The image was of a completely nude female on the top … The picture was taken from the side, so you can’t see the nipples but her breasts were dangling over her boyfriend who she was mounting. She was dressed on the bottom and I believe her boyfriend was completely dressed.

Snapchat User, The Guardian


* flushed emoji face *

Now, images like these will only be permitted if they have "news justification or editorial value". Plus, Snapchat will soon allow posters to use an age gate system, limiting content to those over the age of 18. Currently Snapchat is open to users aged 13 and up.

This isn't the first time these images have been an issue for Snapchat, having been met with a lawsuit last July over sexualised Discover stories that was later settled out of court.

And, as if that wasn't enough big changes, Snapchat have also begun tackling the rise of "fake news", with an increased level of fact checking required for stories posted in or linked to from the app.

Comedy Central

Lots of changes coming your way basically.

So, is Snapchat right to ban nudity and "fake news"? Give us your thoughts below.

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