Snapchat's Latest Update Is The BEST Thing That's Happened In 2016

13 December 2016, 16:04 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Snapchat Memory Update
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

2017 is going to be a blessed one thanks to Snapchat.

The worst thing in the world (slight exaggeration) is when you've got a screenshot that you need to annotate and send to at least 4 of your friends on Snapchat, isn't it? Each time you send it, you have to annotate it over and over again. Nightmare. If only there was a way to send it to all of them AT ONCE. 

Just when you thought nothing could redeem the mess that 2016 has created, Snapchat have gone and done it. They've given us what we've always wanted: Group chats.


In the latest update, you can now add up to 16 friends to a group chat. You can do everything you would normally do in a private chat to your friend including sending pictures, text, voice notes, video notes and bitmojis. Meaning you've only got to send the damn screenshot ONCE. Hoorah!

Chats sent to a Group are deleted by default after 24 hours. Snaps sent to a Group can be opened and replayed just once by each recipient. If a Snap isn't opened, it's deleted after 24 hours, just like Chats.


They've also introduced two fancy new creative tools – Scissors and Paintbrush. Scissors let you cut out part of a Snap on the Preview Screen to turn it into a sticker. And Paintbrush can be applied to Snaps in Memories so you can turn your Snaps into artistic masterpieces!

Music identifying app has now been built into the app, meaning you can identify music whenever you're on the camera. Just hold down the screen when a song is playing and it will identify the track in app (which means you don't need to leave the app to head to Shazam) and will give you the info on the screen there and then.

What a time to be alive. 


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