Here's How To See All Your Best Snapchats Of 2017

29 December 2017, 11:11

Snapchat 'Look Back At 2017'
Snapchat 'Look Back At 2017'. Picture: Snapchat

By James Wilson-Taylor

'Look Back at 2017' videos are proving very popular with users who get to share all their best pics and vids from the year.

As we wrap up 2017, Snapchat have unveiled a cool new feature that lets you review all your best moments and Snaps from the last 12 months.

Snapchat 'A Look Back at 2017'
Snapchat 'A Look Back at 2017'. Picture: Snapchat

Using the Snaps saved by users in the memories section, 'A Look Back at 2017' lets you share all your fave pics and clips from the year in a fun, easy to edit video, similar to the ones you've seen floating around Facebook over the last few weeks.

So how does it work? Here's how to access it:

1) Load up the app and tap on the 'Memories' icon at the bottom.

2) Select 'A Look Back at 2017'.

3) Hit 'Edit Story' to delete any snaps you don't want included.

4) Save it and send to your friends.


Users certainly seem to be enjoying their vids so far:

Snapchat launced their memories feature last year which allows users to save Snaps for longer than the normal 24 hour period. The company recently announced that they will be launching 'Stories Everywhere' in 2018, letting you share your Snaps outside of the app.