This Snapchat Account Is Tricking Girls Into Sending Inappropriate "Modelling Pics"

15 November 2016, 12:00 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika


For most of us on Snapchat, the platform seems like a pretty straightforward place. We follow our faves, send goofy videos to our buds, and flirt with our crushes. But, of course, not everyone's intentions on the platform are pure. 

Users beware. A fake Snapchat account pretending to be the very real ACA modeling agency has been soliciting girls on the platform for full body pictures. 

Here's everything you need to know about the scam. 

  • Girls are being told they could earn between £450-£55,000 per shoot 
  • A supposed woman by the name of "Louise" is contacting girls with the offer, claiming to be "head of recruitment" 
  • People have been receiving messages like this: "The reason I have added you, is because after looking at least one of your Instagram photos we have decided that you are suitable to model for our agency."

Miss Northern Ireland 2015/2016, Leanne McDowell, has issued a warning against the fraudulent account. 

Leanne is a current model with ACA and told girls that, if they wanted to link up with the real ACA, then they can visit the ACA website.

The agency's Facebook also issued a warning. 

ACA Models Snapchat

According to The Belfast Telegraph, after one 14-year-old wrote back to the "recruiter" saying she was interested, the scammer told her to send photos of herself. After sending head shots, the 14-year-old got a reply asking for body shots. Yikes.

So, we know most of you guys are smart and would ignore a message like this but it doesn't hurt to mention a few things. 

  • Most modelling agencies worth their salt don't recruit online 
  • If a modelling agency is recruiting online, they may do it in the form of some special competition also advertised on their official pages.
  • Do some homework on anyone contacting you for a photoshoot or anything else. 
  • Never send topless shots to someone claiming to be a modelling agent. Legit modelling agents will never recruit online asking for topless shots. 
  • It's illegal to solicit lewd photos from a minor. Doesn't matter if it's on FB, Twitter, IG, or Snapchat. 


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