PSA: Here's How To Unlock Every Single Snapchat Trophy

21 March 2016, 16:23 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Snapchat Trophy Case Hacks
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Consider this your ULTIMATE Snapchat Trophy Case cheat sheet!

It's been MONTHS since we all got that new Snapchat Trophy Case update and we're still struggling to work out how to unlock all the secret emojis! 


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"Wait... How do I get to my trophy case?!", we hear you ask! Tap on the little white ghost at the top of your camera screen. Mutter the words 'Alohamora' at your phone, then select the trophy at the top of your profile page. BINGO. YOU'RE IN. 

Pretty isn't it? 

That's the dream. And here's how you achieve it.  

1) The Score Trophies

Snapchat Trophies - Scores


2) The Video Trophies

Snapchat Trophies - Videos


3) The Free-hand drawing Trophies

Snapchat Trophies - Drawing


4) The Filter Trophies

Snapchat Trophies - Filters


5) The Live Story Trophies

Snapchat Trophies - Local Story


6) The Random Trophies

Snapchat Trophies - Randoms


7) The Admin Trophies aka, 3 easy ways to fill your Trophy Cabinet.

Snapchat Trophies - Boring


And the you have it, friends. Go forth and snap.


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