People Are DELETING Snapchat After Their “Disgusting” New Update

12 February 2018, 11:48

Snapchat Update
Picture: Snapchat

By Katie Louise Smith

Literally no one asked for this.

Snapchat has done it again. They've updated the 'Stories' part of the app and no one likes it. In fact, people are so strongly against the new update, they're deleting it clean off their phones.

In the previous version of the app, all the stories from your friends and celebrities were listed on one page in a nice chronological order and brands were separated in another. It was easy to use, quick to scan through, and simple to decide who's day you wanna sleuth on and who you want to avoid at all costs.

HOWEVER... In their new update, Snapchat have now changed that interface and the stories page is now an ugly mess.

The 'stories' page has gone. Stories from the celebrities you follow and the brand publishing pages have now all been merged into the 'discover' page. They are now no longer chronological and it's almost damn near impossible to find people who you actually chose to follow amongst the brands.

'Public stories' and 'recommended posts' from people you don't even follow will now also show up in your 'discover' timeline.

Your friends' stories have now also been moved to the left where you receive your personal snaps and chats which is confusing literally everyone.

The new update, which is the latest in a string of unpopular updates, has pissed off so many users. Frequent users are calling the update "too complicated", "ugly" and even "disgusting". People are also now deleting, or at least threatening to delete, the app once and for all.

Ironically enough, Snapchat thought this update would "improve" the way people use the app. They claim that one of the biggest complaints they receive is that Snapchat isn't easy to use.

In a statement when the changes were proposed, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said: “One thing that we have heard over the years is that Snapchat is difficult to understand or hard to use, and our team has been working on responding to this feedback. As a result, we are currently redesigning our application to make it easier to use. There is a strong likelihood that the redesign of our application will be disruptive to our business in the short term, and we don’t yet know how the behaviour of our community will change when they begin to use our updated application."

Well, we hate to break it to you, Snapchat but...