13 Types Of Annoying People You Definitely Follow On Snapchat

26 April 2016, 12:27 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Dj Khaled
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Please stop with the videos already!!!

Yeah sure, we all love Snapchat. But some people have taken it TOO FAR. They're testing our patience. And we need to talk about it. Right now.

We asked a simple question to everyone at PopBuzz HQ: what are the annoying things people do on Snapchat. Things got personal, weaves were snatched, biscuits were thrown, but eventually, a list was formed.

Prepare to be Snapchat shamed... 


1) The Never-Ending Story Obsessive


Anything over 100 seconds is out of control and almost certainly needs to be cut down. Nobody is that interested in what your doing. Literally no one. 

2) The Documentary Film Maker

Are you constantly filming everything? Are pictures not enough for you? Do you fancy yourself as the David Attenborough of Pizza Hut? Just stop. I don't want a second-by-second, blow-by-blow account of your day. If I did, I'd be hanging around with you. 

3) Kylie Jenner


Ok, there are some moments of gold (we were living for these^ face masks the other day) but otherwise her channel is seriously overrated. Like, she literally doesn't do anything. Yawn!


4) The Person Who Uses All The Filters And Yet Has No Imagination


Like, the filters are supposed to be fun. Don't just sit there trying every filter and not do something funny with it! I've got my own characters to create, y'know? I don't want to be watching you laughing at yourself. ENTERTAIN ME GODDAMIT.


5) 10 Second Photo Time Wasters



6) Selfie Morons

75 selfies in a row? Babes, not even your mum wants to see your face that much. 


7) DJ Khaled


Don't @ me but I find DJ Khaled's snapchat unbearable. He post way too often. Even if you do like his mind-numbing catchphrases and lax attitude toward water conservation, his posts represent a threat to data usage everywhere. As one PopBuzz staffer said, "I regret it every time I click on it". 


8) People Who Hijack Your Snapchat 

This wouldn't be such a problem if they had a bit more of an imagination. But, obviously, I will cut a bitch if they come anywhere near my phone.


9) Driving While Snapchatting Assholes


Are ya'll trying to get people killed? Snapchat is going to be the next DUI, I swear...

10) Wannabe Lifestyle Bloggers

I literally have zero interest in what you eat. Nothing. Nadda. Plus, it's always kale and eggs. Don't you have anything else in your cupboards? What about some pop tarts or something unhealthy one time? Seriously, go and eat some chocolate right now.

11) People Who Break The Streak


Snapchat streaks are important. Sending snaps to each other every day so you can mutually up your scores is a sign of true love. I've had streaks that last longer than actual relationships. Tru story. But you know what sucks? WHEN THE OTHER PERSON GIVES UP. Like, don't break my heart like that? Who do you think you are? Side note: don't you DARE break it because 'you ran out of data'. You've got to plan for that sh*t. Don't leave me hanging...

12) People Who Don't Have A Life Outside Of Their Cat


I don't care about your cat. No one cares about your cat. Your cat doesn't even do anything remotely interesting on camera (except the one above, obvs). In fact, I'm pretty sure your cat hates you. Please also see: 10 Reasons Why I'm Done With Your Cat.

13) Troye Sivan


Please snap more, Troye. I have a fandom, a boy crush, a love affair, a natural compulsion, a carnal desire, an animal magnetism, a GENETIC PREDISPOSITION to watch you EVERYDAY IS THAT OKAY!?!?1!!?!? I BLOODY LUV UUUUUU!!!! That is all.