Tinder Just Added A New Feature To Help You Weed Out The Fucc Boys

15 February 2018, 14:07

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

You might actually recognise this feature, but will you be trying it out on Tinder?

Over the last few years, Tinder has drastically changed the way we date. We're sure you've sat and listened as a friend described a cringe-worthy message they received after matching with someone on the app. Well, Tinder might have a plan to address that.

Tinder has confirmed that they have an update coming that could stop a creepy message from being your very first interaction with someone.

A few years ago, Bumble arrived on the internet dating app scene and was quickly praised for its key feature, one where women wielded the power to initiate the conversation between potential dates.

Marketwatch has confirmed that Tinder will soon let women choose whether they would like to initiate conversations first on all future matches.

This means that, if you're a woman who selects the ladies first option within the app, men who you match with will not be able to message you unless you've initiated the conversation.

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Tinder's CEO Mandy Ginsberg said that the new feature was “not a reaction to any competitor” (ie Bumble). Ginsberg also said that the optional ladies first policy is meant to “curtail bad behavior, any negative behavior or advances, and inappropriate communication”.

Over the years, the misadventures of fucc boys on Tinder and other dating apps have been well documented. Blogs like White Boys On Tinder and Dudes of Tinder have shared cringeworthy pick up lines from unworthy guys who often prefer to start conversations with gems like "do you like anal?"

If you don't prefer to be the conversation starter, no worries. The new feature will apparently be completely optional.

Why now? And will it even work?

Putting power in the hands of women seems, at least in part, like a sign of the times. As we're having serious conversations about harassment and assault, it only seems fair that these apps--an integral part of our dating culture, work to adapt. If you have an app where people are exhibiting toxic behaviour, it makes sense to intriduce something to curtail that.

However, there's no guarantee that this will work to accomplish that specific goal. You can craft the perfect opening line ever and still get hit with a "do you like anal," no matter who messages first.

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It might not eradicate dating app fucc boy culture, but it's a step in the right direction. I know plenty of women who will be relieved that the ball is in their court after they match with someone on Tinder. Only time will tell whether this will have any impact on the quality of conversations taking place on the app, but it seems like a feature worth testing.

There's no official word on when this update will be, but the roll out will likely be gradual.

What do you guys think? Will you be testing out Tinder's ladies first feature when it drops or will you be using the app as is?