The 16 Types Of People You Should Avoid On Facebook At All Costs

16 November 2015, 14:35 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Unfriend! UNFRIEND!

Your Facebook Timeline can be a very troublesome place. Do you often find yourself sick and tired of the same old people tearing up your newsfeed?! Well, we've compiled a glorious list of every person you should avoid... AT ALL COSTS!

Try to avoid these culprits wherever you can. 

1) The Vague Status Bandit

If you're bold enough to post them, then you're bold enough to name and shame. 

2) The One Who Uploads Too Many Selfies

This is not the time or social platform to be flooding us with your selfies, Amanda. 

3) The Over-Sharer

Please don't share intimate details of your lives at 9am on my timeline. KTHNXBYE. 

4) The Cryptic Cliff-hanger 

FFS! I can't possibly go about my day until I know why you've been crying for 5 hours, Becky!!!!

5) The One Who Still Sends You Game Requests

It is 2015. Unless 2010 FarmVille has made a comeback, don't even think about sending me another invite. 


6) The One That Checks Into Every Place They Go

*checks OUT of our Facebook friendship*

7) The Play-By-Play Douchebag


"Just got a free coffee!", "Man, this walk to work is so long!", "Just got to work, 3 minutes late LOL!" 

8) The One With The Terrible Grammar 

No comment.

9) The Humble Bragger

It's really great that you completed your 5K run... but, you're probably lying about your time, aren't you?

10) The Controversial Political Status Uploader

There's always one. 

11) The Over-Zealous Hashtagger


12) The One That Insists On Using TimeHop To Destroy Your Life

I thought I had repressed those pictures from Zante 2010. Thanks a lot, Jessica. 



No, I don't want free entry to your VIP night! Thank you, but no thank you! *delete*

14) The One Who Gives You A Second-by-Second Countdown To Their Wedding Day That You Probably Weren't Invited To Anyway


15) The One Who Uploads Baby Pictures 24/7

Unless your baby is doing something REALLY FUNNY, don't post it. 

16) Your Mum.

Who will leave the same comment on every single picture you're ever tagged in. "Beautiful! XXX"

Your timeline will now be full of rainbows, cat pictures and spoiler free statuses in no time! YAY!


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