This Response To A Homophobic Tweet Is Exactly Why Queer Artists Are So Important

6 September 2016, 13:02 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Frank Ocean
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

We couldn't have said it better ourselves tbh.

Now that artists like Troye Sivan, Halsey, Frank Ocean and many others are becoming increasing successful in the music industry, there is a general sense that now there is a real wave of queer talent coming through that is representing the wider LGBTQ community and selling a shit ton of records in the process. 


This is a good thing. If you listen to any radio station almost anywhere in the world, you're likely to hear music by straight artists about heterosexual relationships. There's nothing wrong with that - but it would be much better if more people had their narrative reflected in the culture around them.

Unfortunately, not all people see it that way. 

One confused Twitter user, who was sitting down to enjoy the new Frank Ocean record, had the earth-shattering revelation that Frank - a bisexual man - might be talking about another guy. Crazy, I know.

Homophobic Tweet

"Is Frank Ocean talking about other guys in his songs [sick face emoji] not homophobic or anything but don't really feel comfy listening to that [walking man emoji"

Jeez, how fragile do you need to be about your masculinity that you worry about this kind of shit? Listening to a Frank Ocean song won't make you gay FYI.

Anyway, a much needed voice of reason in the form of Twitter user @lbgtop came to help this struggling Frank Ocean fan see sense.

Homophobic Tweet

"imagine being queer and literally only hearing songs about heterosexuality on the radio for all of your life"

Damn! I was going to write 'clap back of the century' but it's not even that. It's smart because it's both an appeal for empathy and a 'wake the fuck up' call to action. 

Some people might find it hard to think outside of their own perspective but the fact of the matter is this: there are, proportionally-speaking, not that many songs about same-sex relationships out there, which is a bad thing. Having culture that represents you is incredibly important because it ultimately makes people feel less alone and more accepted in society. We need more of them. So, quite frankly, IDGAF if makes other people uncomfortable. I want gay power anthems right now godamnit. 

And if you really want to listen to music about heterosexual relationships then I'm sure you won't struggle to find a couple of songs on Spotify, bro.