This Genius WhatsApp Hack Lets You Read Messages WITHOUT The Blue Tick Appearing

22 August 2016, 15:33 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

WhatsApp Hack
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Thank us later.

Ugh, if only you could open a message from someone on WhatsApp without those little douchebag ticks showing up and exposing your thirst for everyone to see every time you open a message.

You know, like when you're trying to avoid your bestie's texts 'cause you're hellbent on staying in and being anti-social. Or even worse, when someone who you're not interested in keeps hounding you with messages but you need to open them because you're low-key OCD about having unopened messages sitting on your iPhone home screen. (I mean, the accuracy of those situations is literally unparalleled.)

What if we told you there was a way you could read WhatsApp messages without those ticks appearing? Yes. Seriously. 


Prepare yourselves, because this step-by-step guide *might* save your life when you need it the most. Desperate times call for desperate measures, innit.

1) The message arrives. DON'T OPEN IT. I don't care if that guy you fancy has just sent you a pic. Don't do it. Have some self control.

2) Turn on airplane mode. 

3) Open WhatsApp and read the message. Screenshot it if you have to. 

4) Fully close the app and turn Airplane mode off again. VOILA. Success.


Now then - here's the catch. It only works if you wanna delay the situation in hand because once you reconnect to the internet, those blue ticks are gonna swoop right back in and ruin your life. 

Basically, what we're trying to say is it's perfect for ignoring your friends for a couple of hours without consequences but it's sort of not ideal if you wanna avoid someone via WhatsApp *forever*. There's a block button for that, lads. 


Or, if all that fails you could always set your WhatsApp notifications to the 'Alert' setting and leave it unlocked - that way you'll be able to catch a sneak peak of the first line of the message without even unlocking your phone or triggering those blue ticks. MWAHAHA!

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