Addison Rae responds in deleted video after people criticise her Versace pronunciation

28 September 2021, 17:10 | Updated: 31 August 2022, 15:33

Addison Rae takes us behind the scenes at Versace fashion show

By Katie Louise Smith

Addison had a cheeky response after people began criticising the way she pronounced Versace.

Ok, who amongst us hasn't pronounced Versace wrong once in their lives before? We've all done it...

Fresh off her first Met Gala appearance earlier this month, TikTok star Addison Rae made another huge step as she took over Versace's TikTok account to show us behind-the-scenes of their Spring/Summer '22 runway show. (And she looked gorgeous while doing it.)

However, Addison recently experienced what happens when social media hears you accidentally mis-pronounce the iconic Italian fashion house's name. And in response to the comments and criticism, Addison then posted a cheeky clap back on the official Versace account.

Addison Rae responds to Versace pronunciation criticism in deleted TikTok
Addison Rae responds to Versace pronunciation criticism in deleted TikTok. Picture: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage, @versace via TikTok

Donatella Versace has spoken a few times about the correct pronunciation of Versace. Back in 2018, Donatella took part in Vogue's 73 Questions and answered a question about the one Italian word she wishes English speakers would stop saying incorrectly.

Of course, that word was her surname, Versace, which she then clarified was meant to be pronounced "Ver-sah-chey" not "Ver-sah-CHEE".

While taking over the official Versace TikTok account for the event, Addison accidentally pronounced Versace with a 'Chee' in her first video which prompted hundreds of people to correct her in the comments. (Addison is certainly not the first celebrity to pronounce it like that either.)

Addison nailed the pronunciation in her next video but the comments continued to roll in.

While some people criticised Addison, others defended the TikToker pointing out that it could have been down to nerves. One user also wrote: "Bruh these people are mad that she pronounced it wrong as if they will ever get invited to a Versace show".

Addison thankfully seemed to take the comments in her stride and responded to one user with a video emphasising the correct pronunciation of the brand.

Clearly having fun with the whole thing, Addison responded in a TikTok saying: "So I'm super excited to be here at the Versace show, with Versace at the Versace show, right guys? Versace!"

However, the TikTok was swiftly deleted from the Versace account without explanation shortly after.

addison doesn’t know how to pronounce versace

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