Noah Beck blasts Instagram for taking down his NSFW Calvin Klein photos

19 January 2021, 12:12

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Noah is currently trending thanks to his Calvin Klein underwear pics…

Noah Beck has called out Instagram for taking down his shirtless Calvin Klein photos for seemingly violating its policy on nudity.

On Monday (Jan 18), Noah shared some images from a recent photoshoot. The arty black and white shots featured the TikTok star wearing only a pair of Calvin Klein boxers. In one NSFW image, he actually had his hands down his boxers as he glared down the camera lens.

Sadly, Instagram didn't like the shoot and took Noah's risqué images down, presumably for violating its strict guidelines on nudity. Noah then proceeded to call the platform out on his Story. He said: "Y'all soft over @instagram…stop taking my stuff down. Like yes, I was kind of naked but like…not completely. Lol, I didn’t violate any guidelines."

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Noah then shared the photo again, and wrote: "art is art." He received support from his fans who reposted the raunchy image, including from his girlfriend Dixie D'Amelio, who also proudly posted the pic on her Instagram Story.

The photographer behind the photos, Damon Baker, who has also photographed Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart, also called Instagram out for taking them down. He wrote: "Trigger warning @noahbeck 😉 (instagram keeps deleting this post for being offensive because art, as always, is oppressed!) please someone help me understand what is so offensive about a confident male body?! FREE ART !!!"

Instagram might have had a problem with the images, but Twitter definitely did not. Noah started trending on the platform and everyone was talking about his photos.

What do you think of Noah Beck's Calvin Klein pics?