The biggest TikTok scandals of 2020

9 December 2020, 17:28

Charli D'Amelio addresses backlash surrounding her Dinner With the D'Amelios YouTube series

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

From Bella Poarch's offensive tattoo to Zoe Laverne's inappropriate relationship, here's a deep dive into all the biggest TikTok dramas of 2020.

This year TikTok has provided us with a whole new vocabulary, endless beauty hacks and a number of viral challenges. But, of course, it's also delivered on the drama front too.

Just because we've been locked inside for the majority of the year, it doesn't mean the drama has stopped. From shady diss tracks to cheating scandals and everything in-between, the TikTokers have been extremely busy.

So much has happened that it's only right that we revisit this year's petty feuds before we step into 2021. Here's your guide to the biggest TikTok scandals of 2020.

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12 TikTok dramas from 2020 that you definitely forgot about
12 TikTok dramas from 2020 that you definitely forgot about. Picture: @lilhuddy via Instagram, The D'Amelio Family via YouTube, @trishlikefish88 via TikTok

1) Daisy Keech leaves the Hype House

In March, Daisy Keech announced she would be leaving the Hype House. Daisy actually founded the TikTok content collective with Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson – but things got messy.

Daisy posted a 22-minute YouTube video (which is no longer available), detailing all the issues between her and the rest of the house. Apparently, Thomas was manipulative and controlling, and she had actually invested $18,000 into bringing the Hype Hype idea into fruition. However, unlike Chase and Thomas, she didn't reap any of the benefits of being a co-founder like Chase and Thomas had been, including lucrative brand deals. Thomas denied the allegations and said that he actually taken pictures of Daisy for free.

Daisy eventually went on to create her own content house, Clubhouse, but she has now left.

2) Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson break up

In July, Hype House and Sway House members mysteriously started unfollowing each other. No-one really could work out what was going on until Charli D'Amelio shared an Instagram Story with the caption "your loss" and deleted all trace of her then-boyfriend Chase Hudson. She also tweeted: "I hope she was worth it."

Chase then explained on Twitter: "All of this drama going on is because I kissed Nessa when we were both single." But Charli elaborated, and replied: "Then you shouldn't have come to my house after without telling me..." A load of TikTok stars then got involved and so Chase dropped a bomb, accusing a number of them of cheating on their partners. A mess.

After a little time, both Charli and Chase apologised for bringing the drama to social media. Chase also said he apologised to Charli privately.

Charli D'Amelio apologises to Chase Hudson and Nessa Barrett on Instagram Live

3) Dixie D'Amelio and Griffin Johnson break up

Thanks to the drama between Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson, Dixie D'Amelio and her then-boyfriend Griffin Johnson got caught in the crossfire. Chase claimed Griffin cheated on Dixie with two other girls. Dixie then unfollowed Griffin and confirmed their break up, however, Griffin consistantly denied cheating.

Dixie had a stack of receipts, though, and she released screenshots of messages between Griffin and other girls. Dixie even shared a screenshot an apology text from Griffin. He then came clean on Twitter, writing: "I admit to fucking up. I’m not perfect. God knows I’m not even close but time for others to admit the same." Yikes.

Oh well, Dixie is currently dating fellow TikTok star Noah Beck… but Griffin has implied that something might have been going on between them before his relationship with Dixie ended.

My Last Date with Griffin | Dixie D'Amelio

4) Tony Lopez hit with sexual harassment allegations

In August, Tony Lopez was accused of allegedly soliciting nudes from underage girls and sending explicit messages on social media. As a result, Tony was dropped by Bliss Spa, a spa and cosmetics company, who said they would no longer sponsor or collaborate with Tony. After initially remaining silent on the matter, the 21-year-old tweeted a Notes-app apology addressing the accusations and insisted he's "not proud of his past choices".

He said: "Once I found out the truth, I immediately stopped. I know these actions are not taken lightly and were extremely irresponsible of me. As a young man, I hold myself responsible for this mistake, rather than run from it. I will learn from it, to help better educate myself for now and the future. I promise I will make better, well-informed decisions."

5) Bryce Hall and Blake Gray throw pandemic parties

In August, coronavirus cases in California reached alarming heights and the public was urged to stay home to stop the spread of the virus. But what did Bryce Hall and Blake Gray decided to do? Throw a number of influencer-filled pandemic parties, of course.

Bryce's packed 21st birthday party showed people crammed into his Los Angeles mansion without masks. Police arrived and shut the party down but that didn't deter them. The pair threw several parties throughout the month and authorities even had to cut off their water and electricity supply to stop the parties. Eventually, Bryce and Blake were charged with violating Los Angeles County's safer-at-home order, which prohibited large gatherings.

Blake and Bryce weren't the only TikTokers guilty of throwing influencer parties, though. YouTubers Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul, James Charles and Nikita Dragun and TikTok sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have all been called out for attending crowded parties during the pandemic.

Tana Mongeau shares video from inside Jake Paul's pandemic house party

6) Bella Poarch receives backlash for her offensive tattoo

It's been quite the year for Bella Poarch. The TikTok star currently has the most-liked video on the platform and with her newfound fame came backlash. In September, Bella (who is known for having a plethora of tattoos) received criticism for having a tattoo of the Japanese rising sun flag, which is regarded as offensive to South Koreans because of its association with oppression and Japanese imperialism.

Bella apologised on Twitter and said she didn't know about the "terrible history" behind the symbol. She has now had the tattoo covered with a two-headed snake.

7) Charly Jordan travels to Rwanda during the pandemic

In September, while US coronavirus rates were high, TikTok influencer Charly Jordan traveled to Rwanda to do some charity work with gorillas for two weeks. However, she was forced to quarantine soon after arriving and testing positive for coronavirus. Charly shared a tearful video saying that she'd been "locked" in a room and wasn't being allowed to leave, and that she hadn't been allowed to smoke marijuana, which she uses medically for her anxiety.

Charly received widespread criticism on TikTok for travelling during the pandemic and carelessly putting Rwandans at risk. She apologised and was allowed to leave the country after testing negative for COVID-19.

8) Gabi DeMartino deletes TikTok following backlash over BFF Income Challenge video

Gabi DeMartino was forced to delete her TikTok account after taking part in the BFF Income Challenge with a close friend. In the tone-deaf clip, Gabi admits to blowing $9,000 a week while her friend (who is a secretary) spends $50 on groceries. Many thought the video was thoughtless and felt like she was bragging in front of her friend. Gabi later apologised and said it was "extremely insensitive" to post the video.

9) Larray releases his 'Cancelled' diss track

In October, Larray released his infamous diss track 'Cancelled' basically coming for every single influencer on TikTok. Literally, no-one was safe. Larray shaded Jeffree Star, Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau, James Charles and the Dolan Twins, and even his fellow Hype House members.

It wasn't an attack, though, Larray said the song should be taken with a pinch of salt. "I don't want anyone to take it seriously," he told paparazzi. "It's a joke. Respect to everybody's privacy and all that, but like it's all a joke. I'm not beefing with nobody. I'm just having fun."

Larray - Cancelled (Official Music Video)

10) Zoe Laverne kisses a 13-year-old fan

One of the most shocking things to come out of this year's TikTok drama was Zoe Laverne's case. In November, the 19-year-old TikTok star admitted to having "caught feelings" for a fan named Connor Joyce, 13, after a video of them kissing started circulating the internet. Zoe denied that she groomed Connor and insisited that they were "best friends" but their relationship evolved whilst they were both in a bad place.

Zoe received backlash for the relationship and as a result she deactivated her social media accounts and reportedly checked herself into hospital. She later apologised and said both her and Connor's parents had cut off contact between them.

Zoe Laverne admits she did kiss and "catch feelings" for 13-year-old fan

11) Charli D'Amelio loses 1 million TikTok followers in 24 hours

In November, Charli D'Amelio – TikTok's most-followed user – lost 1 million followers after moaning that she didn’t have 100 million fans on the platform. Charli said she wanted to hit the milestone figure during a controversial episode of Dinner With The D’Amelios.

Charli and her sister Dixie were labelled ungrateful and "bratty" after gagging at the food cooked by their private chef. Charli's behaviour coupled with her statement on about her followers led her follower count to plummet.

In a tearful Instagram Live, Charli later apologised and said it had all been a huge "misunderstanding". She also said she had been receiving death threats. However, despite all the drama, Charli did reach her 100 million follower goal.

12) Trisha Paytas vs. Charli D'Amelio and James Charles

Trisha Paytas is a bit of a veteran when it comes to being at the centre of internet drama and in true Trish style, she managed to create one of the biggest TikTok feuds of 2020. It all started when Trisha slammed Charli D'Amelio for her reaction to not getting 100 million TikTok followers. (For context, she had previously made comments about Charli's behaviour on a podcast.)

Charli then called Trisha out on TikTok for constantly going after, especially considering she's double her age. James Charles also got involved and tried to defend Charli against Trisha. He tweeted: "this charli situation is NOT sitting right with me […] 30+ year olds dragging someone half their age? feels familiar." Well, that didn't go well…

Trisha Paytas responds to Charli D’Amelio and slams James Charles

Trisha went IN on James and accused him of being 'predatory' towards Charli. James then hit back at her "disgusting" statement, insisting he is close friends with Charli. Charli's older sister Dixie also tried to defend her and James by bringing up Trisha's problematic past and use of racial slurs. She even danced to old audio of Trisha rapping 'Fuck Tha Police' which has the N-word in it. She later deleted the video and apologised following backlash. Trisha also apologised for being so harsh towards Charli.