Tayler Holder denies being racist after being accused of verbally abusing rapper

21 May 2021, 12:15

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

YouTuber Deshae Frost has also accused Tayler of telling him to "get the fuck out of his DMs".

Tayler Holder has denied being racist towards rapper DDG at the YouTubers vs. TikTokers press conference ahead of Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom's fight on June 12.

On Wednesday (May 19), DDG posted a short YouTube video titled 'Tayler Holder is Cancelled… (He called me a *****)'. DDG claimed Tayler called him and his friends "black-ass motherfuckers" at the press conference, where a fight was breaking out.

DDG added a clip of the altercation from Hollywood Fix, and said: "As you can hear clear as day, Tayler Holder is racist man. It's wild to me because this is a kid that practices in all his little interviews… before this clip I had respect for him. You see all these clips and he's talking about God and he's not a problem maker. You've got to realise Tayler, you could get hurt saying shit like that. You could get seriously hurt beyond the boxing match."

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Tayler Holder denies being racist
Tayler Holder denies being racist. Picture: @taylerholder via Instagram, Tayler Holder via YouTube

He added: "Tayler, you've got some explaining to do for that slur that you said. That racial slur has to come behind some explanation. You know what I mean? You're gonna have to clarify what you mean by black-ass motherfuckers. I don't take the racist shit lightly."

YouTuber Deshae Frost, who was at the press conference, also shared a video titled 'Tayler Holder Dm'd Me This... #IWillNotBeSilenced (Not ClickBait)' in which he claimed that Tayler told him to "get the fuck out of his DMs" after Deshae said he inspired him. "I don't know what I did to him for him to hate me," Deshae said.

Following the accusations, Tayler denied being racist on Twitter. He tweeted: "Bruh some people thirsty af. Imagine lying saying I'm 'racist'. Playing victim so hard and having your boys create fake DMs with me to try to make me look even worst. Y'all lame af. I'm dropping a video tomorrow night with all the facts."

Tayler Holder Tweet
Tayler Holder Tweet. Picture: @TaylerHolder via Twitter

On Friday (May 21), Tayler addressed the accusations of racism in a seven-minute YouTube video (which was not monetised). Tayler stressed that he's not racist and he actually said "whack-ass motherfuckers".

"Racial slandering and racism is not something to play with and it's something that I've never, ever been ok with nor have I initiated it nor will I ever be ok with it," he explained, before sharing another angle of the altercation in which he was allegedly racist. "You can clearly see my mouth saying whack, not black."

Watch DDG and Deshae Frost's YouTube videos here.

Tayler also accused Deshae of faking the DMs he included in his video to "get the world to hate him even more", sharing a completely different set of screenshots. He added: "Making fake DMs about me and slandering my name is just not ok."

Finally, Tayler shared text messages between him and DDG. He tried to call him but DDG did not answer. When DDG asked who had been calling him, Tayler explained that he had misheard what he had actually said and apologised for the confusion – DDG did not reply to his messages.

He continued: "I even messaged DDG yesterday to try and clear this up and he even threatened me and said that I'm going to get 'seriously hurt' if I don't have an explanation. Aside from fighting, genuinely I have respect from human to human, from man to man. I reached out to him and called him."