What does 1437 mean on TikTok? The viral phrase explained

6 September 2021, 12:46

Holly Madison explains what Cheug Life means on TikTok

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The term "1437" is really blowing up on TikTok right now. Here's what is means.

Another day, another new TikTok slang word going viral on the platform. This time it's all about "1437".

Now, as you know, TikTok has a vocabulary that is all its own. From the infamous "Cheugy" to "Heather" or "CEO", it can be hard to know what other users are talking about sometimes. Luckily, we've got our own comprehensive guide to all the weird and wonderful TikTok slang you could ever want to know.

The latest term is 1437 and it seems like everyone is either using it or completely confused about its meaning. That's where we come in. Wanna stay clued up? Well, read on…

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What does 1437 mean on TikTok?

What does 1437 mean on TikTok?
What does 1437 mean on TikTok? Picture: @leah.martinez11 via TikTok, @dearthetruth via TikTok

The meaning behind 1437 is actually really cute. The popular slang term means "I love you forever". Aww.

Now you're probably wondering how the numbers relate to the phrase and it's all to do with the number of letters in each word. For example, "I" is a one letter word therefore the 1 in 1437 represents that. "Love" contains four letters and the 4 in 1437 represents that.

Although the term has proved popular on TikTok, it's actually been used as an abbreviation for years in text messages and on chat forums.

People are now dropping 1437 into conversations with their crushes and even their exes.

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