Zoe Laverne apologises after charging fans $15 for photos of her newborn baby

5 October 2021, 11:53

Zoe Laverne apologises for charging fans for pictures of her daughter

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Zoe welcomed her baby daughter Emersyn Raylee only a few days ago.

Zoe Laverne has apologised for charging fans for photos of her newborn daughter.

The TikTok star welcomed her first child – a baby girl named Emersyn Raylee – with her fiancé Dawson Day in October. Zoe confirmed her pregnancy in February and revealed that the father was Dawson and not Connor Joyce, now 14, who she admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with in 2020.

Shortly after welcoming baby Emersyn, who is currently in the newborn intensive care unit, Zoe shared on Instagram that she would be posting exclusive photos of Emersyn for fans via a link in her bio. When fans clicked on the link it was revealed that they would need to pay $15 to "unlock" photos of Emersyn. The message read: "Hey it's Zoe! I love you all so much and can't believe Emersyn is here! Here are some of our first photos together. Your support means everything to us."

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Zoe Laverne apologises after charging fans $15 for photos of her newborn baby
Zoe Laverne apologises after charging fans $15 for photos of her newborn baby. Picture: @zoexlaverne via Instagram

Zoe was met with backlash on social media for exploiting her baby for money. One fan wrote: "I’m legit done with Zoe Laverne charging 15 bucks to just see a baby waste of 15 bucks and she’s basically using her baby." Another tweeted: "Zoe Laverne is crazy she’s already using the baby for money."

Zoe later apologised for selling the photos after a fan commented that selling photos of her daughter was "child endangerment". "There is no excuse for what I did but I didn't sell any pictures of my daughter in that way. That wasn't what I was trying to do, that wasn't what I was trying to get at. This is so frustrating," she explained.

"I didn't even want to do it in the first place but as a new time mum I was scared to post her face at first because of the death threats and stuff she received. So I looked at it like that, I didn't think about it in any other wrong way it could have been looked and I'm sorry."

She added: "None of the money that I made off it is going to me, it's going to Emersyn's needs and her hospital bill for being lifelined. Because she had to be lifelined she's in the NICU and she still is in the NICU. It was all for her medical bills and the rest of the money I am donating to mother's and children who need it because I know what it's like to have complications, like, during your birth and stuff. I'm sorry again."

Zoe later shared images of her baby on Instagram for free. She also revealed that she almost died during the birth. She wrote: "When i was trying to push her out the natural way my placenta busted and i was rushed into emergency c-section and almost lost my life but i am so blessed to be here with dawson and emersyn and i am so thankful that god didn’t chose to take me away so soon."