If You Don't Delete This App After 3 Days, It Starts Charging You £200 A Week

2 January 2018, 13:19

'Truth Or Dare' App
'Truth Or Dare' App. Picture: Getty, Royalty Free/Evrika Entertainment

By James Wilson-Taylor

'Truth Or Dare Dirty HouseParty' has some built in features that have majorly angered it's users.

A popular gaming app has caused controversy online with its high prices, charging users £90 a day to play...without removing ads.

Judging by the app store's description, 'Truth Or Dare Dirty HouseParty' appears to be just another 'free to download' party game to play with friends. But, once your three-day trial expires, if you have in-app purchases turned on, you will be charged anywhere from £16.99 all the way up to £199.99 a week depending on the type of game you have selected.

Truth Or Dare game
Truth Or Dare game. Picture: Reddit

Reddit user fjbrahh spotted the sneaky pricing system and the reviews section has since been flooded with angry users along with similarly confused comments on Reddit and social media.

App store reviews
App store reviews. Picture: iTunes

Many appear to feel the pricing structure is a scam targeting young kids and their parents who may be unaware of the payments. App developers Evrika Entertainment appear to have not yet commented on any of the complaints at the time of writing.

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