Here's The One App You Should Use If You Want The Perfect Instagram Feed

Unum app
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Aesthetics on point.

For Instagram obsessives, having a perfect feed is one of the most important parts of using the app. You might think aesthetic blog admins just have an amazingly artistic eye, but for many, the UNUM app is what helps them achieve the flawless feed layout. 

If you haven't heard of UNUM, it's an app that allows you to handcraft layouts, tailor your grid, save posts to drafts and plan the perfect looking feed. 

The future look of your feed can be carefully crafted. 

via UNUM app

You can also set reminders for yourself and schedule a queue of photos for the time of your choosing. 

via UNUM app

The app works really well for bloggers and anyone who wants to curate a specific look for their feed. You can also upload multi-grid photos that make a full picture. 

Here is a full tutorial of the app.

People are actually in love with UNUM because it lets you personalize and manage the specific look of your feed.

Don't say we never told you anything useful!

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