13 Going On 30's Christa Allen recreates iconic Jennifer Garner scene on TikTok

2 November 2020, 15:40 | Updated: 3 November 2020, 11:14

By Katie Louise Smith

Jenna Rink is truly thirty, flirty and thriving on TikTok thanks to Christa B. Allen.

It is a known fact that 13 Going On 30 is one of the greatest cinematic achievements of the early '00s. Jennifer Garner. Mark Ruffalo. Judy Greer. The outfits. The soundtrack...

A moment in rom-com pop culture so iconic that Ariana Grande even used it in her 'Thank U, Next' music video. Now, one of its stars is recreating those iconic moments from the film on TikTok.

Over the past few months, Christa B. Allen, who played 13-year-old Jenna Rink in the film, has been dressing up as 30-year-old Jenna – and, for Halloween, she finally pulled off a shot-for-shot parallel of the iconic 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' scene.

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13 Going On 30's Christa Allen channels Jennifer Garner in TikTok remake
13 Going On 30's Christa Allen channels Jennifer Garner in TikTok remake. Picture: TikTok, Sony Pictures

As you'll remember from the film, there's a scene where Jenna gets ready for a big party and ends up emerging from her apartment in that eyeeeconic multi-coloured dress. She then does Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' routine in the middle of the dance floor by herself before everyone else joins in.

Not only did 28-year-old Christa recreate that Whitney outfit montage scene, but she also gave us a 'Thriller' routine AND a sassy Jenna clap back to a comment shading her for always posting about the film. Watch the full experience below.

Christa didn't have any acting experience when she starred in the film, and was ultimately cast because of her striking resemblance to Jennifer Garner when she was a teenager.

Based on this TikTok alone, it's probably safe to say that it was one of the most spot on casting decisions ever made... Look at the material!

Christa B. Allen recreates iconic 13 Going On 30 scene
Christa B. Allen recreates iconic 13 Going On 30 scene. Picture: TikTok, Sony Pictures

It's not the first time Christa has recreated moments from the iconic film either. Earlier this year, she took to TikTok to bring 13-year-old Jenna and 30-year-old Jenna back to life.

Christa dressed up as Jenna on her 13th birthday, and as Jenna in one of the final scenes of the film where she goes to Matt's house just before his wedding. She also posted a montage of Jenna Rink outfits, recreated for 2020.