15 Year Old US Boy Dies By Suicide In 'Blue Whale Challenge' Stunt

13 July 2017, 10:40

blue whale challenge
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Isaiah Gonzalez, a student in San Antonio, became the latest victim of the online 'game'.


Another teenager has sadly passed away after taking part in a surreal and dark internet 'game' known as the Blue Whale Challenge.

As we reported earlier this year, the 50 day challenge had been connected to a series of teen deaths in Russia as it sets out tasks including self-harm and putting yourself in dangerous situations, ultimately leading to suicide as the final 'challenge'.

Now, 15 year old Isaiah Gonzalez was found dead in his bedroom, having hung himself with his phone propped up to record his own death. The San Antonio native was believed to have been undertaking the challenge as he had sent friends photos of the other completed tasks. His sister, Alexis, told TV station WOAI that she believed someone involved with the challenge had "gathered personal information from Isaiah and had threatened to harm his family".

This is the second death in the US connected to the challenge within a week after CNN reported that an unnamed 16 year old girl in Georgia had also taken her life in a similar way.

Associated Press reports that The Center for Missing and Exploited Children is aware of the challenge and "encourages parents to report it and similar activity to the center’s cyber tip line even if they feel like they do not have enough information to go to police".

If you are concerned about your own safety or that of a friend, you can contact the center on their website here.