398 new emojis just launched and everyone is roasting them

30 October 2019, 16:43

398 new emojis have been added to Apple iOS
398 new emojis have been added to Apple iOS. Picture: E!, Emojipedia

By Katie Louise Smith

"omg this is gonna be perfect for when we talk about ice cubes"

For Apple’s latest iOS 13.2 update, 398 brand new emojis are being added to the mix – and they've all been revealed on Emojipedia.

Gender neutral people and gender neutral occupational emojis now exist alongside a variety of same sex couples with different skin tones. There's emojis that feature wheelchair users, hearing aids and prosthetic limbs. There's a sloth, a flamingo, two new dogs, a whole host of new food items, a pinching hand and an oyster emoji that will no doubt be turned into something waaaaay more suggestive.

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After years of discussion, there's now also a 'blood drop' emoji which also doubles as the 'period' emoji.

But of course, no new emoji drop comes without commentary and a light roasting from the internet. Several tweets about certain emojis have now gone viral and some of them have a damn point.

Ice Cube or... Tesseract?

Ladies, we finally have the perfect response for unsolicited dick pics.

This is about to become Twitter's favourite argument emoji.

Amazing news for Eleven, though.

No comment.

If you know, you know. Le Monke Uh Oh Stinky hive make some noice!

If the stethoscope isn't your most used emoji, are you even doing med school right?!

See all 398 emojis below: